Freshman Orchestra

1st Hour Introduction to you slides:

6th Hour Introduction to you slides:

The LHS Freshman Orchestra is a string orchestra comprised of only 9th grade students.  Students in Freshman Orchestra pursue a variety of string orchestra literature, ranging from classical to contemporary to pop.

Check back here in September for information regarding our Freshman ensemble!

Alma Mater & Stand Up and Cheer

Allegretto Violin 2

Allegretto Cello

Allegretto Bass

Medieval Warsa Cello

Medieval Warsa Cello 2

Medieval Warsa Bass

Medieval Wars Violin 2

Medieval Wars Violin 2 – 2

Medieval Wars Violin 1 -2

Medieval Wars Violin 1

Medieval Wars Viola

Medieval Wars Viola 2

Medieval Wars Bass 2

Fantasia Viola

Fantasia Viola 2

Fantasia Cello

Fantasia Cello 2

Fantasia Bass

Fantasia Bass 2

Fantasia 2nd Violin

Fantasia 2nd Violin 2

Fantasia 1st Violin

Fantasia 1st Violin 2